Ambient Physical Therapy is where your quality of life begins


At Ambient, we want to change lives. We are armed with nearly 30 years of clinical experience in a wide variety of settings, many of which include teaching institutions in New York and New Jersey.  As a function of evolution, a revived concept of warm and home-atmosphere physical therapy services was birthed in the inception of Ambient Physical Therapy. 


It is not just your routine, institutional clinic where everybody

goes whipped with personal concern regarding physical dysfunction.  Ambient is where healing is fostered in a calm and soothing environment of home and its beautiful surroundings. 


The atmosphere of home is where many illnesses and discomforts have been historically absorbed in time.  At Ambient, we employ the science of physical therapy to address your specific needs in this sought after environment.

While physical therapy has rapidly charged its course from an ancillary mindset to one that leads in the identification, treatment, and prevention of disability in just less than 100 years, its academic growth has not fully translated into a different perception of what physical therapists can do to change lives. 


Indeed, Ambient is a new leading concept of physical therapy with a spirit of tradition. It is where research and science, skills in manual therapy join forces with the ambience of a hospitable healing culture.  

Our mission relies on a joint effort of the therapist, patient, and the physician. As a team, healing success is acheivable. Ambient is that place of healing.  A place you, your family and friend can call home.


   *    Ambient is where you go in times of bodily pain and        



  *    Ambient is where you are welcome as a whole person not just

        your injury.


  *    Ambient is where your healing comes from a process

        of  understanding your activities, injuries, work mechanics

       and your own movement patterns.



CONTACT NUMBERS: T: 609.924.6800  *  F: 609.924.6801   *  E: frontdesk@ambientpt.com   

  ADDRESS: Montgomery Professional Center, 50 Vreeland Drive. Building 50 Suite 4, Skillman, New Jersey 08558